BayProg -- Progressive Rock from the San Francisco Bay Area

Track Listing

1.     New Sun: Mammoth (6:29)
2. Trap: Presage (6:34)
3. Gravity Tree: Aim to Please (5:27)
4. Spirits Burning: Clear Audient V2.5 (4:34)
5. Metaphor: When It All Comes Together (4:15)
6. Amy X. Neuburg and Men: Naked Puppets (5:47)
7. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum: Sleep is Wrong! (6:36)
8. Michael P. Dawson: The News in Farsi (4:46)
9. Puppet Show: Harold Cain (4:13)
10.Mind Furniture: The End of Days (6:49)
11. Monocaine: Another Man's Ditch (5:28)
12. Tesseract: On the Edge of an Eclipse (5:25)

Produced by Malcolm Smith
Mastered by Tom Carr
Art design and layout by John Mabry
Production coordination by Chris Cooper
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Special thanks to Annex Digital, Peter Thelen and Exposé Magazine, and all the creative progressive musicians in the Bay Area, and the world!

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